Hadoop/Big Data Consulting Service

Hadoop Consulting

Hadoop is relatively new technology and there are lots of companies trying to experiment with it. Media, Fashion, Web Analytics and many more industries are toeing the idea of using hadoop and related technologies. There are two ways companies go towards:

Both these approaches are long shots. It would be a long time before any of these approaches work, despite the fact that consulting companies would promise you how easy it is to do “Big Data“. In my experience, it is not and in fact nothing is, unless one has burned mid nights oil with the tech in question.

Calling a consultancy company brings these things:

Trying to develop in house capabilities again would need investment in terms of time and money.

Then how does a company deal with this situation? This is where people like me come into picture.

As an experienced hadoop engineer with around 3 years of hadoop/big data experience, i can help offset some of the cost and confusion when starting a hadoop project. Most of the times consulting companies come in and they throw N jargons and pitch for certain tools/techs that they know or want to learn! Companies would be in a better situation if they knew those jargons and they knew what questions to ask to judge if a consultancy is worth considering. And that is where i can help. Some of the real life suggestions that i have heard from consultancy companies are (but not limited to):

I can help familiarize companies and individuals with what should they accept while engaging with an consultancy. I help companies setup hadoop, hbase, elastic search, solr clusters. I can also help in terms of design and architect data flow/data-pipeline, at a fraction of cost. After a initial dialog with me you would be better informed and equipped to deal with consultancy company(ies).

I am available on +447403126237 and on ravimbhatt@gmail.com. I do not pick up calls from Blocked number and it would be great if you could first drop me an email.