Ravi Bhatt

I am Ravi Bhatt and I am currently in London. I was born and brought up in India. I started learning programming and software development around 1999 and initially programmed in C,C++ and VB. I did some VB.NET, C# in early 2002-2003 but have been programming mainly in Java since then. I consider myself as a pragmatic and reasonably experienced software engineer. For me learning is an endless process. There is so much to learn that i am short on time.

I have been working with Hadoop, Elastic Search and other related Big data technologies since last couple of years. I have worked with TCS, Qubit Digital, Expedia, WGSN, British Gas, ASOS and Santander in the past.

I am also available for Hadoop & Java related consulting. I can be reached at ravimbhatt@gmail.com.

This blog is a way to keep a note of learnings and thoughts about my work.